The Doran area is reputed for easy and accessible hikes.

For example, the “4 Têtes” hike, is a solid 3 hour walk up to 2,364m elevation. This loop is of moderate difficulty and can easily be done within a day, and which is usually suitable for children over 9 years old.

From the summit of the 4 Têtes, you’ll enjoy a wonderful landscape on the Mont-Blanc and the Aravis range.

And for the toughest, taking a technical hike an extra 1h30 to the Pointe Percée from the col Doran.

NOTE: When exploring the area, be careful of Great Pyrenees dogs.

Need more hiking options? Of course : There is more… Such as l’arête de Saix or a tour of the Pointe d’Areu. Simply give us a shout or call if you need more information.


For the avid climbers, look no further. At about an hour walk from the refuge, you can reach the Tours d’Areu to enjoy some nice climbs, from 6b to 7c.

Randonnées et activités au Refuge de Doran

Cheese and cow milking

Do you like mountain cheese and sérac?

If so, you can buy them next to Doran’s Refuge. There are only excellent cheeses, exclusively from the local farm.

Cow milking

You can participate in cow milking around 4pm. It is an activity which kids can enjoy, it is indeed a great way to spend some moments with family.

The refuge is closed

The refuge is closed

Reservations are possible from May 8, 2024.

In May, the refuge is only open at weekends.

From June onwards, the refuge is open every day (until the end of September).

The refuge is closed during the winter. We will reopen in May 2024.

Élodie, la gardienne du refuge.